2 1/2 Year Old Class


Our 2 1/2 year old class is a place of caring and sharing. Our goal is to teach children of all backgrounds and nationalities to get along with one another. We learn new things in fun ways to build foundations for future learning.

3 Year Old Class


In our 3 year old class, we set a foundation for learning in the areas of language, math, and science. We do a variety of activities to assist the children with their emerging fine learning skills, including using scissors, coloring with crayons and tracing names. They learn to recognize their names, alphabet letters, and numbers 1 through 30.

4 Year Old Class


Our 4 year old class works to build a community where each child can develop the skills they need for a successful transition to kindergarten. This takes place in a caring atmosphere where showing love and respect  for each other is a daily practice.


Our full day kindergarten focuses on preparing children for first grade. A solid foundation in reading and writing is established using a phonics-based program which emphasizes hands on activities. Mathematical concepts are explored using manipulatives and games and thematic social studies and science units round out the day.



Our Bible lessons are based solely on God's Holy Word. They are taught using songs, games, and interactive stories. We also focus on mission projects and spreading the "good news" of salvation in Jesus Christ.
Our aftercare program is interactive and relational. The children are provided with a wide variety of hands-on experiences which allows them to investigate the worlds of science, art, music, movement, cooking, math, and language. They are given the freedom and time to develop their interests as they explore the incredible world around them. It is our desire that the children are able to enjoy the excitement, wonder, and freedom of childhood.
We offer a dynamic summer program for children 2 1/2 to 8 years old. The children enjoy their summer outdoors in the sunshine, getting wet on water days, going on class trips, and having special guest visitors. Weekly themes are explored inside the classrooms and the children grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers outside in the school gardens.

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